Writing a Successful Press Release

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
Photo Credit: Matt Preston via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Matt Preston via Compfight cc

How to write a successful press release. As an aviation management student at Indiana State University I do not know much about writing a Press Release. For this blog I’m going to do some research on the Internet and learn how to write a press release. Being an airport manager this could come in handy one day If I every need to provide information to the public. Hey, you never know when a company like Southwest will need a new ad!

The first thing that I would do would be to identify who I am, starting out with clarifying the news or information that I am trying to put out. I would then answer questions in a way by giving out the information that is necessary while writing in a professional manner. I would pick a good angle so that the news that I write about is good and reliable. From my research, I learned that I need to write in an active voice to keep the life of the press release alive while keeping the energy. I also need to illustrate the solution on how your company is going to fix the problem at hand. Bragging about my product or an event that I am hosting is also expectable, but making sure I stick to the facts and limit the amount of jargon that I put into my press release because everyone will be reading it. Images, videos, links, and different colors are a good way to grab the reader’s attention and keep them excited about the news. As always something that is drilled into your head in school, when writing anything, having what I write proofread.

I researched the information on how to write a press release on a web site called PR Web; this site helped me understand the basics in how to complete this task.


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