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You Learned What??

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Photo Credit: webtreats via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: webtreats via Compfight cc

I tell you what this Comm 269 class has been very interesting to say the least! I have had a lot of fun in the class joking around with everyone. At first I don’t think many people liked me, because, well I am outgoing and I say what’s on my mind and I laugh a lot… But I do think most of the people like me now, especially because Shane Sparks and I are so freaking loud and we like to have fun. One of the best parts of all of this is our professor; Mullen loves to have fun, joking around and still being able to teach us something. She might assign a lot of homework and grade kind of hard but she is still an awesome teacher. I had two of her classes this semester and I have to say one of the coolest things about her class is she sets up a Facebook page for all her classes and everyone can add it and talk about homework and ask questions. It is so handy, because if u have a question at one o’clock in the morning all you do is put it on the page and someone will probably be on Facebook. Someone will be on it to answer you, but it will most likely be Mullen answering you, you can post something on the page and it will take maybe five minutes to answer. She is always online and on her Facebook account answering questions to all of her classes I don’t know how she does it but I truly think she gets like maybe three hours of sleep a night. I did learn a few things in this class, you can use the social media to help get your name out to find jobs. You can build profiles and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress and professional people will look at what you have created. Twitter is cool because you can get employers, professional people to follow you and they can respond to your post and you can see what they are talking about, famous people will respond to you to! The main thing I learned is to use social media to your advantage, it’s free get your name out there, its not hard and you can have fun with it. Public Relations is a very big part of live now a days and Mullen has taught us that even though most of the class didn’t like that at the beginning of the semester. The more people you know and connect with the better off you will be! I’m going to miss this class, maybe not the homework but the class for sure!


How Do You Measure Campaigns?

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Through my training and education on public relations measuring a PR campaign, this is something I know nothing about and had to do a little research to find out how to do this.  One traditional way that I found to measure your PR campaign is done using the advertising value equivalency (AVE).  This method basically weighs the value of an article against the cost of the advertising space; this value is based on a publication’s rate card.  This method is not like, and is not used as much as other methods because it does not give you the results needed to tell you if the news was accurately recorded.

PR is very difficult to measure just by the quantity of the campaign. The quality of the information is vital.  Some might even say that others not related to your company cannot measure your campaign because individual companies have different ways to measure their success.  I find this to be true, after reading many articles, blogs, and media sites.  Everyone has different opinions and therefore not everyone is going to agree on how PR should be measured.

A quote from Jeremy Porter, a journalist, said, “Most PR pros still judge their success by their ability to place material in the media rather than on the impact such coverage might have on shifting opinion, awareness, or moving markets.”

If I were a PR practitioner, I would simply measure the success of my campaign by comparing yearly, monthly, and daily results to what I am thinking about doing next.  Even though this is data that you get from previous campaigns that everyone else can compare, you still have your own opinion and since times change, things that didn’t work in the past might work now.  I would also take into consideration the audience of my campaign and base my work on what they might want to hear.  Gaining all the good recognition I could possibly get.

Photo Credit: k.landerholm via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: k.landerholm via Compfight cc

Who Wants Pizza?

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Photo Credit: generalantilles via Compfight cc









I’m a poor college kid and I love pizza! Pizza is available late at night, is easy to order, cheap to buy, and can be delivered to you. What college kid doesn’t love those qualities? I know many other people besides college students eat and order pizza many times during the week, trusting that the food they are ordering is made properly with the employees not doing wrongful things to the delicious food. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. This is shown with the situation that happened to a major pizza company, Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s found itself in a bad PR situation when two employees filmed and recorded themselves doing nasty and unsanitary things to a sandwich before it went out for a delivery. The video was uploaded to YouTube on April 12, 2009; in only three days the disturbing footage was viewed over one million times. For days Domino’s executives were behind closed doors trying to figure out how to resolve the situation but made a poor decision in waiting three days to respond to the public about the video. During this time a lot of people were talking about it on Twitter. The PR nightmare began to blow up. Before this crisis the Domino’s Pizza Company did not have a Twitter account.  On April 15, 2009, they created a Twitter account to help spread their apologies and their plans to correct the problem. The president of Domino’s, Patrick Doyle, personally responded to the video by way of YouTube.

This was a bad crisis that could have taken the company under. Although they did not respond quickly about it, I’m sure they learned their lesson. Even though it is almost exactly four years later, the company recovered from the event and is running strong, making the delicious pizza and sandwiches that they have always made.

How to Blog

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Photo Credit: Scott Beale via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Scott Beale via Compfight cc

Some tips for successful blogging.  Many people do not know exactly how to blog or how to blog right.  I have never blogged before my Public Relations class here at Indiana State University and did not know the first thing to do when trying to write a blog.  I’m going to list a few tips that I have researched to help myself be a better “blogger”.

The design of your blog page is very important, it lets the readers know that you are a serious blogger and keeps the readers interested in what you have to say.  Keep your design simple, do not put too many links on your page, avoid ugly advertisement, and keep it professional.

The content that you display is important, learning what your readers are interested in and what they react to best in your blogs.  Give your readers value and make your blogs posts clear, useful and actionable. Write as if you are speaking to a friend, do not use jargon or words that people do not understand, use simple language because you do not want to confuse the reader.

Feedback, ask you readers how you can help them, or ask them at the end of your blogs what they want you to write about next.  Add your readers to facebook or twitter to better communicate what they want and to get to know them better.

Inspire your readers, choose a main topic for your blog but have at least three to eight sub-topics for each post.

In conclusion, I learned the way that you design and build your blog page, the content that is used, the feedback that is given to the readers and inspiring the readers to come back are just a few effective ways in writing an successful blog.  To learn more tips about blogging it is only a few clicks away on the internet, all you have to do is research a small amount and you can dramatically change your blogging experience.

Oh Hashtag

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Photo Credit: _skynet via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: _skynet via Compfight cc

Companies use Twitter to promote and tell people about their sales or new items or services that they have coming out as well as receive responses about the particular event sales that they had.  Twitter is a very quick way to get the word out.  However, if something is stated incorrectly, it can take only a matter of seconds for someone to see what has been said.  It is very important that the company does not say the wrong thing or type something incorrectly so they do not get bad publicity.  I do think that organizations have been successful in using Twitter to promote their products and services.  If a place of business uses Twitter and utilizes it incorrectly (for example, responding to tweets in the wrong manner or cursing or lying), it can diminish and hinder sales, the company’s reputation, and even the customer base they have.  Errors in using hash tags have occurred with many of organizations, including Snickers, Toyota, and McDonalds, companies that have all come under this problem.

McDonalds’ hash tag problem occurred when they created the #McDstories hash tag. They did this to inspire the abundance of people who eat there to share stories about their favorite McDonalds moment.  Little did the McDonalds organization know that not only were customers going to tweet about good stories but also about bad stories as well.  The bad moments that were tweeted about ranged from fingernails in Big Macs to customers getting good poisoning.  After only a couple of hours after creating this hash tag tweeting opportunity, McDonalds saw what was happening and deleted the hash tag.

Snickers got caught paying off celebrities to tweet things that they wouldn’t normally tweet about.  In all reality, they just wanted the re-tweets.  They hired and paid a model and a reality TV star to tweet the off-the-wall things and then follow up with a tweet thanking Snickers for making her feel like herself again.

Hash tags are dangerous if not carefully thought through, and organizations need to be careful when tweeting, because it can go the complete opposite direction than what they had planned.

Photo Credit: Matt Preston via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Matt Preston via Compfight cc

How to write a successful press release. As an aviation management student at Indiana State University I do not know much about writing a Press Release. For this blog I’m going to do some research on the Internet and learn how to write a press release. Being an airport manager this could come in handy one day If I every need to provide information to the public. Hey, you never know when a company like Southwest will need a new ad!

The first thing that I would do would be to identify who I am, starting out with clarifying the news or information that I am trying to put out. I would then answer questions in a way by giving out the information that is necessary while writing in a professional manner. I would pick a good angle so that the news that I write about is good and reliable. From my research, I learned that I need to write in an active voice to keep the life of the press release alive while keeping the energy. I also need to illustrate the solution on how your company is going to fix the problem at hand. Bragging about my product or an event that I am hosting is also expectable, but making sure I stick to the facts and limit the amount of jargon that I put into my press release because everyone will be reading it. Images, videos, links, and different colors are a good way to grab the reader’s attention and keep them excited about the news. As always something that is drilled into your head in school, when writing anything, having what I write proofread.

I researched the information on how to write a press release on a web site called PR Web; this site helped me understand the basics in how to complete this task.

5 Hour Energy

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Photo Credit: dabruins07 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: dabruins07 via Compfight cc

This week’s blog topic is about an unethical decision a company made, 5 Hour Energy is an energy drink or shot that clams to give you enough energy for 5 hours.  The energy drink is not healthy for you, with a total of 92 cases that have evolved from 5 Hour Energy and 13 cases were deaths.  I am not trying to talk you out of buying them I personally have never had one before so I do not know if it really works or not and do not know how it really makes you feel, but friends of mine who have drank one before have told me that they do work and others have told me that they do not work.  Weather or not the energy shot works is beside the point, point is energy drinks or shots are not good for you and could possibly kill you.  If you drink energy drinks or shots another reason you might want to reconsider digesting these bad drinks is because the company’s that own these products are just in it for the money in all reality and don’t care for your health.  In investigations that were done on 5 Hour Energy they said the product was intended for busy adults and to not mix with other drinks.  Then why do the commercials promoting and advertising 5 Hour Energy have some guy laying on a couch and his future self with a pretty female coming up to him saying if you drink 5 Hour Energy you will have a hot girl friend like this?  It is obviously is not for busy adults by the looks of that commercial, and no change to the product will be made, guaranteed.  The company’s reputation was not hurt at all by the 92 cases even thought I think they made a bad choice by keeping the product on the shelves if there not going to change the products to be less harmful. Thank you for reading.