Ethics Page

Aaron Smith’s Code of Ethics

855 Carmen Lane – Greenwood IN – 46143

317.250.4560 –


This document explains the moral standards that I hope to find in a company when looking for a career.  The organization will need to believe in these values and also follow them.  The Army teaches you to live by values, and these are some of the important ones to me.  Because these standards are important to me, this is how I live my life, and I want the workplace environment to honor the same values. Below I have listed five basic values that I am looking for the organization to follow:




Respect:  Treating others with courtesy and self-worth, treating them as they should be treated

  • The whole company and anyone who is involved with it will show respect towards others.
  • No putting people down or making fun of others.
  • Accepting others for who they are


Trust:  Demonstrating honesty and trustworthiness of others

  • Co-workers can trust others to do what they say they will do.
  • Trusting the company to follow through with their promises and to do what they said they would.
  • Trusting of others not to steal from you or hold something against you.


Loyalty:  Showing dedication, faithfulness, loyalty

  • The employees show loyalty and dedication to the company.
  • The company shows loyalty and dedication to the employees.


Integrity:  Doing what is right when nobody is looking

  • Doing what is right legally, morally, and ethically regardless of whether or not it is the popular thing to do.


Honor:  Working with values in mind at all times

  • Living up to these values in the workplace as both employer and employees.

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