Sample PR Plan

 ccf-logoCampaign Objective:

To increase the understanding that a strong community can make a real difference in the lives of individuals going through rough times and raise some money for The Caring Community Foundation.

We’d like to raise at least 200 dollars at the event along with a total turnout of 50 individuals or more.

Campaign Materials:

  • Signage: Chalk ads across campus
  • Ads: Short advertisement in the Indiana Statesman
  • Printed Material: Fliers
  • Other: Social media groups and posts

Most of our advertisement is coming from social media; mainly Facebook and Twitter. Our target audience will be most widely reached at this location.

Campaign Tactical Plan and Recommendations:

Public Relations:

We will be coordinating with the Caring Community Foundation to get our information on their actual website to promote the event to those who aren’t directly connected to social media sites and may be off campus.  Our goals are to:

  • Get permission to advertise with sidewalk chalk on campus.
  • Have The Verve, post our information at the location of the eventual party.
  • Run an ad in the Indiana Statesman, (campus newspaper).
  • Generate awareness via social media among our peers.
  • Spend very little, if any, money on our advertisement.


The Indiana Statesman, Indiana State University newspaper, contact at or by e-mailing Ernest Rollins, Editor-in-Chief, at

Estimated cost: FREE

Communications Materials:

  • Letters/fliers
  • Program fact sheet
  • Press release
  • Flier for The Verve to hang at their establishment
  • Press release for The Caring Community Foundation to post on their website.

Social Media pages via Facebook and Twitter

Estimated Cost: FREE

We will not be using any paid advertising techniques as we are working with a small budget.  We will rely heavily upon word of mouth, social media, and face-to-face peer communication.

Inventory of Items to be distributed:

  • Between 20-30 Fliers
  • Fact Sheets: 2
  • Chalk signs: 5-10

Here is a sampling of places we will use the marketing materials:

  • Fliers:
    • The Verve
    • Indiana State University Commons area
    • Cunningham Memorial Library (ISU)
    • Terre Haute hospitals
    • Fact Sheet:
      • To be given to the Caring Community Foundation for its website
      • Provide to the Indiana Statesman for the advertisement
  • Chalk Signs:
    • Highly trafficked areas of campus where eyes are naturally drawn toward the ground.  Top of stairs, ramps, near the fountain, etc.
    • Estimated Cost: FREE

Third Party Sponsors:

The Verve will be allowing us to use their establishment to throw the Pay it Forward Party and has arranged for a band to play free of charge that night for charity.  The club will hang our fliers and promote our event at their locations as well.


We will keep track of the money raised at the event at the door along with the donation table.  All money raised will take place on the 25th of April, the day of the event.


2APR- Assign tasks/solidify plan to present to The Verve

4APR- The Verve fully informed and committed

5APR- DJ/Band/Entertainment commitment

8APR- Permission from all buildings to hang ads/ permission to chalk sidewalks

9APR- Awareness ads completed for distribution/ start hanging

11APR- Facebook page completed/ Information about radio or newspaper spot and cost

15APR- Start chalk ads (if allowed) / Radio/ newspaper ad begins/ collection table / start tweets

16APR- In class assessment

17APR- Redo Chalk / tweet or post

18APR- In class assessment

19APR- Redo Chalk / tweet or post

22APR- Redo Chalk /Collection Table / tweet or post

24APR- Redo Chalk / tweet or post

25APR- Redo Chalk and emphasize “Tonight!” **Event**


Manning Morgan: Overall Campaign Manager and lead on media design kit

Candace Cutler: Lead on theme of project and design for advertisement

Christina Schaefer: Co Lead on theme of project and design for advertisement

Cyle Toney: Point of contact for The Verve and lead on space reservations

Levi Seymour: Lead on Facebook page and twitter #tags

John Barnard: Talk to statesman about article/ad develop one to run

Shane Sparx: Talk to media resources and try to get a radio spot

Aaron Smith: Work with Shane on media resources

Matthew Duckworth: getting permission to hang ads in campus buildings

Dylan Young: Entertainment for event


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