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Oh Hashtag

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Photo Credit: _skynet via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: _skynet via Compfight cc

Companies use Twitter to promote and tell people about their sales or new items or services that they have coming out as well as receive responses about the particular event sales that they had.  Twitter is a very quick way to get the word out.  However, if something is stated incorrectly, it can take only a matter of seconds for someone to see what has been said.  It is very important that the company does not say the wrong thing or type something incorrectly so they do not get bad publicity.  I do think that organizations have been successful in using Twitter to promote their products and services.  If a place of business uses Twitter and utilizes it incorrectly (for example, responding to tweets in the wrong manner or cursing or lying), it can diminish and hinder sales, the company’s reputation, and even the customer base they have.  Errors in using hash tags have occurred with many of organizations, including Snickers, Toyota, and McDonalds, companies that have all come under this problem.

McDonalds’ hash tag problem occurred when they created the #McDstories hash tag. They did this to inspire the abundance of people who eat there to share stories about their favorite McDonalds moment.  Little did the McDonalds organization know that not only were customers going to tweet about good stories but also about bad stories as well.  The bad moments that were tweeted about ranged from fingernails in Big Macs to customers getting good poisoning.  After only a couple of hours after creating this hash tag tweeting opportunity, McDonalds saw what was happening and deleted the hash tag.

Snickers got caught paying off celebrities to tweet things that they wouldn’t normally tweet about.  In all reality, they just wanted the re-tweets.  They hired and paid a model and a reality TV star to tweet the off-the-wall things and then follow up with a tweet thanking Snickers for making her feel like herself again.

Hash tags are dangerous if not carefully thought through, and organizations need to be careful when tweeting, because it can go the complete opposite direction than what they had planned.